Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aiden's Birthday Week

Aiden wanted a car theme birthday this year. He was really excited about decorating and it was fun to see what he thought would be neat. He helped me make the banner. I made it so that the cars can come off so we can use it again.

Aiden also had very definite opinions about the cake. It had to have 5 cars since he was turning 5.

We got Aiden a bike and he got to ride it for the first time.

Some other snapshots from the party:

On Aiden's actual birthday on Wednesday we went over to a local place called Zonkers. I had a pass for him to play in the bouncy houses and he had a blast.

Aiden wanted me to take a video of him reenacting one of his favorite clips from Mythbusters where they slip on banana peels. Unfortunately our camera doesn't take great video, but oh well!
Here is the mythbusters clip:

Here is Aiden's version:

The party was a get together with family because Aiden had requested going to the zoo instead of having friends over. So the Saturday after his birthday we headed to the Kansas City Zoo.

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