Monday, August 17, 2009

Dan and Leah Visit

Dan and Leah were here from Sunday August 2nd through Thursday the 6th. I know Aiden had a lot of fun. I hope Dan and Leah did too. Monday we walked over and fed the ducks, then we got Sno Cones. We also went to the library and played at the park.

Tuesday we went to the zoo. Aiden usually doesn't like to go in the pen with the goats, but he went with Leah. We also played at the playground and we had dinner a Leo's Place.

Wednesday we went to the Splash Park, rode the Carousel and walked around the BYU-I gardens.

Thursday Mom came up to pick Dan and Leah up. Aiden got to celebrate his birthday a little early. They got him some clothes and a trike. Aiden loves the trike we have to go on a couple walks everyday so that he gets to ride it.