Monday, June 8, 2009

Summertime Fun...and work.

I took Aiden to the zoo with Ashley and her little girl Aubrey a couple weeks ago, they had a lot of fun. Aiden wanted to have her hold his hand, and it was funny to see them get excited over feeding the goats and watching the other animals. I uploaded all the pictures on my Facebook account, you can see them by clicking on this Link.

Steve has been working tirelessly on the upstairs. The sheetrock was interesting because there are a lot of angles up there. These pictures are from about a week ago. I need to go up and get more pictures.

Aiden is enjoying summer. I think the longest sentence he regularly puts together is "wanna go out and kick da ball". We got a kiddie pool for him, but haven't been able to try it out yet, it's been rainy and cool here for the last little while. It seems like Aiden is learning things at an exponential rate lately. With a little help he can count to five. He recognizes the number four for some weird reason. If we pass it on a sign or if he sees it in a book he points and says Four! He's also picked up colors in the last week or so, he always gets red, blue and black right, but needs help with the others.

I've been enjoying having my own yard. The front flower bed looks amazing this year, and I just got some tomatoe plants into the garden.

I've also been staying busy helping Ririe with their craft fair for the Ririe Days Festival. If anyone wants to sell their crafts there, let me know. They are expecting a good turnout and they will have lots of other things going on like archery contests, live entertainment, a dutch oven cook off, a half marathon, car show etc. **okay my little plug is now ended**
Other than that I have been busy with Kindred Creations Deal of the Day. I have had enough orders lately that I set up commercial post with the post office. That will be nice, they pick the packages up at the house and you get a discount...nice!
I've also been training to run a half marathon that will be in Pocatello at the end of the summer. I usually take Aiden out with me in his jogging stroller in the morning. Two year olds that like speed are not the best running coaches. He always yells "Mom, faster!" And then when we get back to the house he tells me we should go again.