Monday, May 18, 2009

A Room With A View

We've been busy, busy here.
Steve has been working hard upstairs. We now have another window up there. It is a 3 ft. by 3ft. window, which brings in a lot of sunlight and makes the space seem a lot bigger. It is above the desk Steve is building for me for craft stuff and work.

Aiden knows that the room up here will be his and he talks about how he will "eep" (sleep) in his bed upstairs.

What the window looks like from the outside.

Steve also built me a raised garden for Mother's Day. I've been asking for one for a while, so it was a nice surprise. We've already planted early spring peas, beans and corn. Aiden discovered the first sprouts yesterday and was really excited. He reminds me to go out and water them everyday.

Aiden is picking up on new words all the time now, sometimes I wonder where he learned some of them. If he sees the camera he asks me to take a picture and he says cheese. This is one of those pictures.

He is also learning names of people and he will walk around the house going "Mom, Dad, Daiden (how he says his name). He always points to himself when he says his name. He also can tell you that he is two and hold up the right number of fingers. When he is leaving or someone else is, he says "bye, see ya later, love you" and tries to make the sign language sign for I love you.

Aiden's sense of humor has really been coming out lately. He thinks it is hilarious to take pictures of his "tazy hair" (crazy hair) and make faces.