Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aiden's Odd Sleeping Spots

So Aiden's never been a wonderful sleeper. He never took naps regularly and has always stayed up later. I even complained about it to his pediatrician at his one year check up and the pediatrician said some kids just need less sleep, but he was big and strong and healthy so not to be concerned. Although some of Aiden's recent choices in a place or way to crash are sometimes a little concerning.

Example Number 1: Yes, he is really asleep like that holding his cup of water. Funniest part about it was that just seconds before he was bouncing on the bed asking a million questions.

Example Number 2:

So you get a sense of where this is and what Aiden had to do to get in there. It is under his bed, but there is also a tote under there that leaves only about 2 feet of space and the bag in front of Aiden is full of library books. The box that looks like it is leaning on his head is usually completely upright. We know this odd sleeping spot was at least a little planned since the blue blanket on top of him is his favorite blanket that he had to pull out from under his pillow on the bed. It was the middle of the day. We thought he was just playing in his room. When it got quiet...too quiet...

This one I just added for fun because he enjoyed sleeping out in a tent in Grandma's backyard so much that he then slept in his little indoor play tent at home for 3 nights straight. (I should have snapped a picture of that). We seriously considered letting him continue to sleep in his little tent because he didn't get up once in the middle of the night while he was sleeping in it and actually slept past 7 am all three nights. But I guess the magic wore off because he wasn't interested the fourth night.

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