Monday, July 26, 2010

Daisy Dog

Daisy has been a member of our family for a long time. I really will miss her. I can remember going to see her when she was a brand new puppy. She was so pink and tiny. When we brought her home she would cry at night until we discovered Leo, the Lion. She could curl up and fit on his lap. I can remember her as a puppy trying to pounce fireflies, and running up to the neighbors big lab and barking at her like she was a huge tough dog (of course the lab was stuck behind a fence). Daisy always sat by me when I played the piano and sometimes it seemed like I had a teacher sitting there telling me I made a mistake. She would usually be sleeping or sitting with her head on her paws and when I played a wrong note she would lift her head up and look at me. Whenever it was someone's birthday or Christmas Daisy would grab pieces of the wrapping paper and run around with it.

Daisy was always protective of any of the little kids and would gaurd the top of the stairs. She also liked the baby toys especially soft rattles and rings and would steal them when they were left out on the floor.

We used to play outside with Daisy a lot. We sent her down the slide (she really didn't like it, but we thought it was hilarious). We also would put her on the glider and have her swing with us. There was also the Little Tikes orange and yellow car. It had a little storage space behind the seat and we used to put Daisy in it, have Stephen climb in the seat and then Laura and I would hang onto the roof and go down the hill in front of the house. I'm sure Daisy was not amused by the whole thing, but she put up with us.

If you were playing sardines you had to make sure Daisy was occupied or have her hide with you, because she would give you away, especially if you hid in Mom and Dad's closet.

She used to wait at the window for the bus to come. For a long time if you said the word bus, she would run to the window and look for it.

She would sleep in the crook of your legs and growl at you if you moved. Unless you were sick then she would come and sleep by your stomach or as close to your head as she could get and she never complained when you moved.

I love you Crazy Daisy!

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