Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aiden's Sense of Humor

So yesterday, Aiden told me his first joke:
Aiden "Mom! Why did the crazy chicken cross the road?"
Me "I don't know, why Aiden?"
Aiden "To get to the other side silly Mom! Isn't that why you cross the road?"
Me "sure"
Aiden "Now you are supposed to laugh!"
Me "okay, haha!"

Aiden "Mom! Why did two crazy chickens cross the road?"

This continued all the way up to 16 chickens which is basically as far as Aiden can count. I asked Aiden where he learned the joke and he said
"Me don't know! Everyone knows that joke Mom."

Then I was uploading videos and came across this one. He was playing a game where you are supposed to catch dinosaur eggs without letting the big mean dinosaur get the egg. Well Aiden figured out that if you timed it just right, you could get the egg to hit the big mean dinosaur on the head and it would make a funny noise and flail around. This is what he is laughing at in the video.

Well, I have been slacking on getting photos up. Hopefully things won't get super busy again and I can be more consistent.

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