Saturday, April 18, 2009


Wow, weeks seem to be just flying by. It's finally feeling like spring here and our list of things to do just keeps getting longer. Steve is still working tirelessly on the attic. We will both be glad to get it done and feel like we can spend time together again. I've been working on organizing the house better and started with the kitchen. We had 5 whisks...I don't even use a whisk that often! Funny thing is I don't think we bought any of them either. I made a magnetic spice set to clear up some space. It's really handy because it is on the side of the fridge right next to the stove.

I've also been working in the yard and was so happy to see some of my crocuses coming up. The grass is also coming in well, considering last year it was all just dirt. There are a few bare patches, but some grass seed should get it filled in.

Aiden loved Easter this year. He had so much fun finding the eggs and eating the candy. I tried uploading the video of him Easter egg hunting five times and it just isn't working, but I got the one of him opening Lightening McQueen to upload.

We opted to wait to put him in his Easter outfit until after the candy eating was done. Here is his outfit:

Aiden loves jumping on bubble wrap I get from shipments for the store.

If you turn up the volume a bit on this one you can hear Aiden say a lot of his newest words.

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