Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kansas City Temple

We have been so blessed to have a temple built so close to us. It is still a bit of a shock every time I think about the fact that there is a temple in Kansas City! We were able to go to the open house and it was wonderful to see Aiden making the connections about what goes on in the temple and what he has learned at church. When I asked him what he liked the most about the temple the first thing he said was the mirrors in the sealing room. We talked about how you could see forever in the mirrors and how they are just like our family. We can be together forever because Mom and Dad were sealed in the temple. He also talked about the chandeliers in the Celestial room. He said that room just made him feel good. During the walk through Kian had been a bit fussy and kind of loud. Not really crying but just not happy. When we got into the Celestial room he was very quiet and alert. That made a big impression on Aiden and he has told me a couple of times that he thinks Kian was quiet because he knew it was a special place.

I was also able to volunteer at the open house. I took Kian with me so I just helped make sure the water table had plenty of cups, but it was so amazing to see people coming in who had just been through the temple. So many of them were not members and it was amazing to see them learning that a temple was more than just a beautiful building. A lot of people told me that they thought our belief in eternal family was so unique and wonderful. I kept saying it is a wonderful blessing and going to the temple is a great reminder of what is most important in our lives. I know a few boys that make my life wonderful and eternity wouldn't be complete without them.

I am very much looking forward to getting to go through for a session!

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