Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aiden's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Aiden's birthday on the 25th this year. That Saturday, was free day at the zoo. We went to the zoo that morning and found out there was also a community day going on at the park outside the zoo. There were free bouncy houses (one of Aiden's favorite things). Josh and Emily and Sopie went with us that morning too. Aiden loves Josh, Emily and Sopie. So he got to play on the bouncy house, go to the zoo and have his birthday party that evening.

Aiden wanted a Toy Story themed birthday this year. So we invited a few of his friends to a local place called Blast Off! It has a rocket outside and jungle gyms, slides and ball pits. He had a ton of fun as you can tell from the pictures. We also gave him a few presents from Mom and Dad on his actual birthday.

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Aiden!!!