Friday, April 2, 2010

California Trip Part Two: Disneyland!

Disneyland was a blast! Aiden loved that Uncle Drew came with us.
Before we left for California I had Aiden get on the Disneyland website with me and pick out some things he really wanted to do. His top choices: Pirates, Haunted House, Buzz Lightyear, and a train.

We did all of them. He thought the Haunted House was "awesome" and kept telling me that I turned into a ghost. The train was also a lot of fun. He smiled and pointed at things through the whole ride. In the Buzz Lightyear ride you get lazers and you get to shoot Zurg. Aiden did the Buzz ride at least five times. The Pirates ride was neat too. He had fun pointing out pirates with swords (imagine that). Seeing Mickey Mouse was also on Aiden's list. His face just lit up when he saw Mickey Mouse. And he thought it was amazing that he got to shake his hand.

The Finding Nemo ride was another favorite. He really loved it, and kept talking about all the starfish he saw. We also rode the Winnie The Pooh ride and Aiden just kept saying over and over that he got to see "pooh, iglet, wabbit, yore and roo".

It was fun to watch Aiden get into the Jungle Cruise ride. He pointed out elephants and told us to watch out and made sure nobody got hurt.

The Peter Pan ride made a pretty big impression on him too. He couldn't believe we were flying and told me for a couple days afterwards that he got to fly up above stars.

Aiden loved his "First Visit" button that he got at the gates. He still wants to wear it.

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Heather Hayes said...

How fun, we did totally different rides than you did! Just goes to show how big Disneyland is! (And how much girls taste differ from boys)