Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Surgery and a New Shed

On the 21st of August Aiden had to go in to have surgery to put caps on all his molars because he grinds his teeth so much that he had worn the enamel off of them and was starting to get cavities. We had to be there at 5:30 in the morning and he couldn't have anything to eat or drink...he was a little grumpy about that.

The hospital was really nice though. Aiden was in the Jungle Room and he had fun looking for all the animals in the mural. They also have wagons for them to ride around in on their way to surgery.

It took him a long time to wake up. The surgery took only an hour, but we didn't leave the hospital until 10:00. He never really complained about his teeth, but really let everyone know that he did not like the IV in his foot. This is what his foot looked like a couple hours after we got home. They really did a good job and you couldn't even tell the IV had been there by that evening.
The coloring book, Teddy and wristband he got while there.
When he woke up they gave him a band-aid and told him to put it on the teddy bear where he hurt. Aiden put it on the bears foot.

This last weekend Steve put in our new shed including laying the concrete and anchoring it down. It's just big enough to hold the lawn mower and our gardening tools, but at least they aren't sitting out in the weather anymore.

Before we could put the shed in we had to move some huge tree stumps, clothes line poles and this old wringer washer out to the curb so the city could come get them. Aiden just had to help.

And finally a picture of our crazy tall corn plants. Looks like we are only going to get three ears of corn from them, but Aiden had fun planting them and watching them grow all summer long. The cucumber plant on the other hand way out did itself. I've been giving away cucumbers by the armload and we still have an entire vegetable drawer filled with them in the fridge. Looks like we'll have a ton of tomatoes too if they ever ripen. We also have two good sized watermelons growing. Hopefully they will have time to get nice and big before it gets too cold.


Brandon & Melissa said...

Sometimes what my mom does with her tomatoes is she picks them while they're still green (but big enough to pick) and keeps them in the warm garage. They actually do turn red after that. Funny, huh?
Glad to hear that everything went well for Aiden's surgery! That's not very fun, but I think it's so neat that they made it a little more enjoyable with the teddy bear and the fun room and everything! Sounds like a nice hospital! :)

Jenny said...

Aiden looks huge every time I see him!

Becca said...

He is a tall kid, I can't believe he is turning 3!