Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Happenings

We've been so busy here, I haven't had time to update this. There is so much to post about that I will probably update the a couple times over the next couple of days.
Aiden has been enjoying helping me make freezer jam. Steve has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday for lunch (Aiden almost everday now). So when I found strawberries on sale and peaches, I thought freezer jam would be a good idea. Aiden is a very devoted fruit masher and gets upset when you tell him it is time to stop.

We got a season pass for the zoo here. It's the perfect size zoo for a 2 year old. We can see most everything in about an hour and a half. I love that it is very kid friendly, Aiden loves using the binoculars to watch the birds, feeding the goats and playing in the kid area. This last month we also went to the zoo with playgroup. Aiden had a blast with the other kids there.

For Father's Day I got Steve a Wii. I think he was pleasantly surprised. He guessed that I got him a DVD player.

I'll do an update on the progress upstairs tomorrow.

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