Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just a little update on what we've been doing.
Steve is setting up a website for Western Transport and has been enjoying it. I've been doing a lot of the same writing and working on the website. I have also been working on new items for the store. I just finished making a paper flower and brad set (paper flowers are pretty big right now).

Aiden has been a funny guy lately.

I got a plastic bucket to put his blocks in. He dumps it out puts it on his head looks through the handle and runs around in circles, or pretends he is a monster. He also plays peek a boo with it. I've been trying to catch him doing it on video, but he hasn't been cooperating. I'll keep trying and hopefully you'll get to see it.

Aiden also loves playing swords with Steve. He will even salute :)

Another new thing: If you tell him he does a good job or if he figures something out on his own he will put both thumbs up and say Alright!

I've been teaching Aiden a lot using the Montessori works method. He is getting pretty good a lot of things. He can button and unbutton buttons, use a zipper, trace objects, identify colors, identify 20 body parts and set the table. Here is a picture of him practicing :)


Brandon & Melissa said...

How fun! I love the picture of Aiden and Steve saluting! That's real cute! Oh, I mean, that's real manly and stuff... ;) And I love the "Alright!"

Jenny said...

Any suggestions on this method? I would LOVE to use it with Andrew.

Becca said...

There are a lot of great websites that have work ideas and give you a good background of Montessori theory. Biggest suggestion is repetition and knowing how Andrew learns. Aiden is a rough and tumble moving all the time type of guy, so I try to make sure to keep things interesting and moving quickly.

Ruby Dragon said...

You've definately got the cutest kidlet in the world :) Wow he's smart, you must be super proud too!