Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

This last week has gone fast. Saturday we went over to a friends house for brunch. Aiden made a new friend and even after being there for 5 hours he didn't want to leave when it was time to go. Jacobi was just too much fun.

I've been busy filling orders, organizing and moving the items that came out of the closet where the stairs are going in, to the basement, creating new chipboard sets for the store, and trying to keep up with Aiden.
Here are my latest creations:

Steve is still very much enjoying his new job. He is working on a big new project and has their truckers mile reports to the point where it takes him 45 minutes to do what it used to take 2 people all week to do. His boss keeps telling him he's a genius. Steve doesn't believe him, but I do :)

Aiden has learned a lot of new words this week. He says lights, up, help, nose, sit, door, potty, book, dog, mine, walk and fish. He is loving nursery. The last 15 minutes of Sacrament Meeting he says go out? and play? As soon as the prayer is done he is out of there. If he gets ahead of us he stands in front of the nursery door until we get there and can let him in.

Last night we went to Leo's Place again for Alexis' and Caleb's birthday party. Aiden really enjoyed himself. I took the camera, and of course the batteries died when I turned it on to take the first picture. So we'll make sure to get pictures the next time we go.

Aiden and Steve enjoying one of thier Christmas Gifts

Sunday's Great Tie Debate (we go through this almost every week; usually with the same results)

We hand Aiden two ties and ask him which one he wants to wear.

He looks at them.

He plays with them.

He finally decides.

We put the tie on, he usually cries and complains until we take it off or he gets it off himself. Very rarely he is actually okay with it and will wear the tie.

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